5 A Day Smoothie Recipe With Nic’s Nutrition!

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14 Comments to “5 A Day Smoothie Recipe With Nic’s Nutrition!”

  1. Ashley Dennis says:

    I made Simon’s smoothie and added half a handful of walnuts to give it that
    carrot cake feel :p
    Brilliant collaboration you two!!!

  2. Cindy Webb says:

    Genius way of getting your five a day!! Subbed after finding you through
    Nic!! Awesome new channel that’s good for my health 💚 xx

  3. Nicole Romero says:

    Looks fab. Could you feasibly freeze the apple juice as well if I were to
    freeze all the ingredients in bags?

  4. Luke Thomas says:

    That’s not 80g of spinach and kale, I got shit loads haha

  5. treasure afolabi says:

    they both look amazing. simon yours seem to be 4 a day and not 5 a day but
    Nic seem to be 5 a day. however, simon colour is more attractive as I
    always run from green smoothie. but I will make both and know which tastes
    better. so far you have 3.5 out of 5 simon and Nic you have 3. I will come
    back with final Mark once I have tasted both. lol thanks both of you for
    making this video because am one of those that dont get my 5aday .