Aerobics Workout for WEIGHT loss! 30 minute Cardio Circuit^Low Impact^

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Join me for this 30 minute cardio circuit workout and let’s lose weight! This is a low impact,joint friendly, basic,simple and easy to follow 30 minute workout for beginners to intermediate students. No hard moves to follow! Basic, Simple and Easy to follow. Thebeachbodymom creates videos that are easy to follow, no hard moves and most of all fun! Lose weight, burn calories and get the body you always wanted. You do not have to hurt your joints,back or any body part to get into the shape you want! Check out all my other videos. Try Pilates/Strength Training/Cardio/Resist-A- Ball just to name a few

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4 Comments to “Aerobics Workout for WEIGHT loss! 30 minute Cardio Circuit^Low Impact^”

  1. 126769 says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for this video!!!

  2. TheBeachbodymom says:

    I would buy a heart rate monitor that has a calorie counter on in according to your heart rate. I can give you a generic 200-250 calories but a heart rate monitor gives you exact calories. Polar is a great brand. I am thinking about buying the bodybugg which does the same thing and you wear all day. Toning is key with weight loss! If you have skype I am angie.balgemann and we can talk more! Tons ideas to help you.

  3. Faye Hebb says:

    Love this workout I love all your workouts Thank you so much for doing these:)

    how many calories will you burn doing this workout???
    I have lost about 17 lbs thank you!! I noticed that I seem to be getting some acess skin can I get that toned up?

  4. TheBeachbodymom says:

    You are welcome!