“Burn It To The Ground” Repeating Barbell Complex for Fat Loss and Conditioning

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One of the most effective ways to do fat-loss training with free weight is the barbell complex…which is essentially a series of exercises done non-stop using the same barbell.

I call this one “Burn It To The Ground”…for reasons which will become apparent. It’s incredibly effective.

This method allows you to do a great workout with very little equipment (in this case a barbell and a bench) and in very little space (perfect for a crowded gym or training in a small space at home).

The interesting twist is that I did 5 consecutive rounds of it with NO complete rest (more on that below).

Here’s the sequence…each part done for as many reps as possible with good form. Not to total failure but close.

1. Hang Clean and Press
2. Bent-Over Row (same grip)
3. Flat Bench Press (adjust grip as needed – lie back on a bench you have set right behind you)
4. Standing Barbell Curls
5. Lying Tricep Extensions (lie back down on the bench again)
6. Front Squats (clean grip – your forearms will be on fire by this time)
7. Romanian/Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
8. Seated Calf Raises (bar on thighs, feet on floor, just hitting top half of range)

Here’s the twist…

The seated calf raises are your rest…

Keep doing reps until your calves burn out, then restart the sequence from the top. Repeat for 2-5 rounds.

Take your hands off the bar when doing calf raises to help clear out lactate, as needed.

If you WANT or NEED to take a short rest period between rounds, you can (e.g. 1-2 minutes). I would recommend trying to do this continuously, though, for the entire workout. It’s a great challenge, both physical and mental.

Pick a weight you know you can normally curl for 8-10 reps…it’ll be the limiting exercise of the group. Rep ranges will be wildly different for the exercises, depending on where they are in the sequence and the size of the muscles being worked.

In terms of weight, to give you an idea, I used a 95 lb barbell for this workout.

The beauty of this sequence is that it alternates push/pull as you work your way from the top of your body down (for the most part), which makes it easier to remember the sequence.

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5 Comments to ““Burn It To The Ground” Repeating Barbell Complex for Fat Loss and Conditioning”

  1. hd72flh says:

    Love the fat loss muscle building metabolic combos you put together! Thanks keep it up

  2. Stevie Lack says:

    I think the only muscle you didn’t hit was the ear muscle!

  3. Stevie Lack says:

    Is this your warm up routine? 😂😂😂

  4. Stevie Lack says:

    Is this your warm up routine? 😂😂😂