Cardio, Abs, Bicep, Back Workout (Day 24 and 25 out of 90)

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Cardio, abs, bicep, back Workout (Day 24 and 25 out of 90) fighting through a head cold and achieving the goal. Never back down, always work hard, get the gains, be unlawful and achieve the goal.

Trying to kick the cold before Super Bowl Sunday! Go Pats! I feel like my weight lost has reduced, so I started doing cardio every other day. This will ensure I burn some extra calories and keep lowering body fat. I will also have to get back into myfitnesspal and use that faithfully.

I’m almost out of PBfit I will have to go get some. If you are interested in this product check it out on amazon!

Set #1
Weighted Pull Ups 25lbs(15,12,12)

Set #2
Curls 45lbs(failure,12,11)
Close Grip Pull Down 160lbs(12,12,12)

Set #3
Incline reverse fly 15lbs(12,12,12)
Ez Bar Curls 85lbs(12,12,12)

Set #4
Bench Row 75lbs(12,12,12)
Reverse Grip Curls 25lbs(12), 15lbs(20), 25lbs(12)

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