Cardio is Pointless for Fat Loss

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Exercise is to Raise your METABOLISM’s POWER… so you can always burn more fat and stay lean. Cardio doesn’t help up do this.

PERMANENT physique changes result from your metabolism’s and hormones’ response to exercise… not burning calories during the physical activities themselves.

Using CARDIO to “burn more fat” is a waste of your time. Burn more fat by changing your approach to TRAINING… to alter your metabolism to burn far more fat outside and in the gym.

Ditch the cardio, get STRONG, and do weightlifting with Intensity, not huge marathon sessions. Train for performance 3-4x per week.
Ditch the dieting. Fuel your performance to build the metabolism & muscle.

Hit the link above for coaching if you are serious about Building and Maintaining a Lean, Muscular Physique this year… make 2018 DIFFERENT

P.S. – Most of the calories burned in a day are from your “resting metabolic rate” (just from existing)…so if you can raise that, do you see how you can get better results and stay lean for good?

Your metabolism is something you have 100% CONTROL over… not something “slow” you’re cursed with

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