CRAZY 6 MINUTE HOME AB WORKOUT!!! (get lower abs and lose lower belly fat with this workout)

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Thank you all for watching, I hope you enjoyed it! This was probably my most challenging ab workout Wednesday so far and I hope it challenges you as well. By the way, my planking time was 1:25.

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Now to explain the workout….
20 6 inch holds + bicycle kicks: 2 exercises come together to work your lower abs
30 leg raises: also working your lower abs
30 wipers: to work your lower abs and obliques
20 toe touches: to work your obliques
30 second side planks: this will also work obliques
20 cross crunches: to work obliques and upper abs
plank until failure: engages your entire core, but your lower abs get the most out of it.

Song 1: NEFFEX – Judge
Song 2: NEFFEX – Baller

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6 Comments to “CRAZY 6 MINUTE HOME AB WORKOUT!!! (get lower abs and lose lower belly fat with this workout)”

  1. Paul's comments and questions says:

    Thank you for demonstrating these exercises and for being such a great inspiration and influence. Originally, when I first learned about planking, the objective I understood was to be as plank-like as possible. In other words, to successfully plank, according to that original information, it is necessary to cause your body to be as rigid and as still as possible. Then later, I learned that the aforementioned original method is invalid according to some instructors. The second method dictates the necessity of moving one’s body in various ways while planking. I do not know the reason for moving if a person is doing the movement deliberately (as opposed to movement caused by weakness). Do you know the reason for the deliberate “movement planking” method?
    Probably, the reason you are moving during the plank has to do with your not having regained all of your “planking strength” after your recent health challenge. If you had all of your strength completely restored and were physically able to successfully perform either type of plank (completely still or various movements) which type would you do and why?

    • Judgement Day Fitness says:

      Paul’s comments and questions it’s just something you can add onto planking. Like if I were to hold my legs out while doing a chin up (an L-sit chin up) so either way is valid but ofcourse doing certain movements while planking allows you to get more out of planking

  2. Max Mustermann says:

    Nice ab workout. You’re a fighter and winner bro :) Maybe check out my new upload and you’ll learn why I do all these brute workouts :) No, it’s not for good lookin 8)…

  3. dominick jones says:

    Damm i like these definly gonna implement them in my workouts