Free Class 2 Low-Impact Cardio Debbie Jorde AFAA Certified Exercise All Ages Inclu Seniors

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Debbie Jorde has over 30 years experience teaching Lo-Impact aerobics in local professional gyms, and is AFAA certified. This video is for people of all ages, including seniors, who are looking for a Low-Impact aerobics class they can perform in their home. This video contains an introduction and warm-up. The warm-up includes some basic steps, however my Class 1 video contains more of the basic steps in the warm-up that are used in the combinations on this video. If you feel this class moves and changes too quickly, begin with the Class 1 video first, and move on to this video when you feel more comfortable. These combinations make up a 60 minute cardio of lo-impact aerobic moves put to music with Debbie calling the moves so anyone can follow along. Check for other videos by Debbie Jorde f

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