Learn from Stars – Dwayne Johnson – Shoulders, Triceps, Legs and Abs Workout

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In this video, we honor the actor, producer and wrestler, Dwayne Johnson (also well known by “The Rock”). We made a simple compilation of short videos from his instagram (@therock) that The Rock shows some of his Shoulders, Triceps, Legs and Abs workout, despite of demonstrating a lot of focus, strength, determination and shiny charisma.

The Rock once was a football player for the Miami Hurricanes, and soon after that brief, but successful experience in the football field, he became the third wrestler or the third generation of his family in wrestling, getting his inspiration to became a very famous wrestler from his dad (Rocky Johnson) and his grandfather (Perter Maiva).

Followed by a huge amount of fans and described as “The Champion of the People”, The Rock is considered by many wrestling fans all over the world as the greatest fighter in the history of WWE.

Born in Hayward, The Rock achieved seventeen major WWE titles including eight undisputed world championships. He became the sixth fighter in history to become the “Triple Crown Champion”. He is a superstar in the wrestling arena and alos one of the biggest movie stars of all times. He was named by Forbes Magazine as the top-grossing actor of 2013 and set on 2015 a Guinness World Record for most selfies in three minutes (together with his “San Andreas” fans, obviously) to prove that he is financially successful, but he still is “The Star of the People”.

We wont be able to list his entire resume here, but we strongly believe that he is by any (or “many”) means a huge star that we have a lot to learn from. It is a honor, as well as a privilege to watch his workout and his funny jokes while working very very hard. He deserves all his accomplishments and we are blessed to watch him in the gym.

Music: Sorry For Party Rocking – LMFAO

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