NO MORE BULKING! How to Build Lean Muscle Mass in 2018

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Lean Muscle Mass Expert Frank Rich knows a thing or two about how to gain lean muscle mass. Frank is a competitive bodybuilder and creator of Massthetic Muscle helping guys build a strong, muscular and more aesthetic physique. Aesthetic is just a hard to spell and cool sounding word for PLEASING & PROPORTIONED or Symmetrical from Head to Toe.

One of the big myths floating around for decades is the idea of having to seriously BULK UP by gaining a ton of fat and muscle mass simultaneously for several months until you reach a point where you can start to CUT weight, lose the unwanted fat mass and still retain your hard earned muscle mass. It’s how lots of guys USED to do things…and hopefully in 2018 they learn they can stop!

Frank’s approach is to ALWAYS look good while working on gaining LEAN mass and avoiding the Bulking-Cutting cycle. There are easy ways and the RIGHT way to gain quality lean muscle mass….find out from Frank what the difference is and all of the factors responsible for gaining lean muscle mass year after year for the rest of your life!!

We just let Frank start talking and sharing his knowledge and for about 15 minutes he didn’t even take a breath :-) If you have any questions about something Frank said, please leave comments below. Frank and the CB TEAM will be glad to engage in conversation with you. Thanks for watching!!

Don’t BULK UP…Do This Instead!

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7 Comments to “NO MORE BULKING! How to Build Lean Muscle Mass in 2018”

  1. Dallas Donohue says:

    I completely agree. You don’t need do anything crazy to see quick gains. In fact you can get Trembolex which enhances lean muscle gain, endurance, strength and much more for free. Been using it for 1 year and I went from having noodles for arms to looking like a bodybuilder. You can request your free 30 day trial here:

  2. priscamolotsi says:

    Wow! Very interesting.

  3. Kevin Marquet says:

    Is this legit? Has anyone tried this out?

  4. WildDoveX says:

    This is a great look, much prefer it to bulking.