RIP Dallas Mccarver. Olympia level Bodybuilder Dies

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Mr Olympia contender Dallas McCarver passes away in shocking circumstances.
Our heart goes out for Dallas’s family. May god give them strength in this tough times.

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5 Comments to “RIP Dallas Mccarver. Olympia level Bodybuilder Dies”

  1. Rajeev Bhatt says:

    R I P 🙏

  2. Nikhil Chhabra says:

    He died confirm news

  3. Umesh Tajane says:

    Mere favourite athlite the dallas mccarver bahot buraa huaa sir unke sath 😞😞😞

  4. Rahul Sharma says:

    so sad

  5. Pritam Bhagat says:

    RiP 🥀🥀