Single KB Full Body Combo For Fat Loss

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If you don’t pay attention to the very smedium shirt I’m wearing, this is a fantastic combo flow starting from a half kneeling position and really working the overhead position by adding different aspects and angles of stability. If you can combine mobility, stability, quality reps and movement, along with GPP, it’s always a good thing.

▶️Half Kneeling KB Clean
▶️Offset OH KB Lunge
▶️KB Snatch
▶️KB Windmill
▶️1 and 1/2 Rep Turkish Get Up
▶️Half Kneeling Position Switch

Go for 4-6 reps per side with a 90-120 second break and repeat for 4-5 rounds.

I’ll keep repeating it, use weight that’s challenging but you can own the form throughout every rep and set.

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