Spot Reduction For Fat Loss – Here’s How!

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8 Comments to “Spot Reduction For Fat Loss – Here’s How!”

  1. Michael Muthurajah says:

    thankyou @the dolce diet

  2. Terrance john Bates says:

    Great information! Thanks!

  3. Elizabeth Izolt says:

    Thank you for breaking it down for us coach! This is such a repetitive question of so many individuals.

  4. Brian Strickler says:

    Sent you a couple pictures on your Instagram their coach I’m down over 60 lb

  5. Jacoby Bergeron says:

    Coach Dolce,
    How can I watch your podcast from the beginning? All the apps only go as far back as episode 80. I’m trying to soak up as much Health/diet/nutrition/workout/wellness knowledge as I can!