The Best Arms In Bodybuilding History

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The Best Arms In Bodybuilding History

Biceps have a special place in bodybuilding. Simply put, they are enthroned as a muscle group. Any newbie in the weight room will try to hit them first. Seasoned bodybuilders continually strive to add inches to theirs.
Perhaps biceps receive this much attention because they are the best illustration of body strength. Big muscular arms have been the emblem of manhood. It is the reason why the most iconic bodybuilding pose is dedicated to showing them off.
We cannot ignore the interest they arouse among women. Sure, you may have some killer carves, or some unworldly quads, but it is the guy with the most outstanding biceps that gets most of the attention from the ladies. Good biceps are not particularly hard to build, but it does take many hours in the weight room.

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