The Greatest Traps in Bodybuilding History

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Obviously Johnnie O. Jackson and Dexter Jackson have the greatest traps ever, but when we talk traps + the whole back as a package, then we’ve got Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and Phil Heath on the top. Thoughts?

5 Comments to “The Greatest Traps in Bodybuilding History”

  1. Muscle Mutant says:

    Don’t forget to subscribe and many thanks for watching 😉

  2. pkudey says:

    I just love the way this guy narrates

  3. Borgen says:

    4:47 amaayzing :)/

  4. Levan Muradashvili says:

    Dorian Yates Overall. His middle and lower traps from behind is untouchable

  5. E Double says:

    Johnnie O Jackson………..hands down.
    And it’s pronounced like Jai-knee. Jai like Kai,then knee. The way you say it is like an american woman’s name, Joanie and it’s offensive.